We’re your outsourced Marketing Manager with a twist

At the heart of our Marketing Manager approach lies collaboration, not the typical role of an external agency or coach.

Our philosophy involves being an integral part of YOUR team. We work in tandem with you, seamlessly orchestrating the moving parts—be it web developers, graphic designers, or advertising specialists—to turn your marketing project into a living, breathing reality. We don't shy away from tough conversations either. It's all about ensuring your business vision transforms into tangible results.

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Our Marketing Manager Package
might be perfect for you if you…


  • Don’t understand what your marketing agency is asking or telling you?
  • Don’t have the content together to put your social media, advertising,
    email campaign, website into motion
  • Don’t have the time to add Marketing Manager to your to do list
  • Don’t have the resources just yet to hire a full-time marketing manager
  • Have no idea where to start with your marketing project?

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What kind of things could a
Marketing Manager Package include?

Types of Marketing Projects We Manage:

  • Execution of your planned marketing strategy
  • Collaboration with other marketing professionals such as
    • Graphic Designers
    • Website Developers
    • Advertising Experts (Google and Social Media)
  • Promotional Products
  • Photographers and Videographers
  • App Developers
  • Supervision and management of webinars and workshops
  • Promotional Events and Tradeshows
  • Preparing briefs for various marketing activities that are aligned with your brand and target audience
  • Training of staff in the creation and implementation of marketing activities
  • LinkedIn management

What are you looking for? Get in touch to discuss your marketing needs, we’d love to learn about your business.

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Don’t just take our word for it. See what our clients have to say..

“Can't wait to continue working with Wild Orange Strategies. After an initial meeting with Alyce, it's clear her expertise will help us put some much needed marketing strategies in place and have clarity around the types of marketing we should be doing for our target market. I was so impressed with Alyce, I'm now referring our clients to her. Thanks Alyce, you rock!”

Vicki Bjerring, VB Designs

“During my 2 hour Energise and Strategising session with Alyce, my perfect clients became so clear to me and thanks to her, I now have the knowledge and tools to grow my business/empire. THANK YOU Wild Orange Strategies, you've transformed my business.”

Kylie Davey, Systemizely

"Alyce is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to Marketing... she opened up my eyes to so many possibilities and you can tell she has been doing this for a long time! She was a pleasure to work with, professional, on time and most of all made it fun!”

Orly Muscat, Coastal BabySitters

“We had a 2-hour Energise and Strategise Session with Alyce for our events business and I have to say, it was very valuable!
We went through all of our marketing channels (social, website, newsletter, etc.) and it was clear that she had done thorough research prior to the meeting.
She gave us some very good tips on how to improve and some awesome suggestions for new content / blogs / posts. Best thing of all was that we can implement all of the changes ourselves easily.”

Madeleine Forrester, 3vent Productions
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How does the Marketing Manager Package work?

At Wild Orange, we only offer what you need, keeping flexibility at the forefront of what we do. We offer 1, 5 and 10 hour packages per month to help you implement aspects of your marketing plan. There are no lock in contracts and you only pay for what you need, with hours rolling into the next month if unused.

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Who is Wild Orange?

At Wild Orange, our greatest values are authenticity and collaboration. We believe that when you act with purpose and intention, amazing things start to happen!

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Still Scrolling? Check out some of our Frequently Asked Questions

Are you affiliated with other marketing agencies?

Our team works closely with other marketing professionals, such as VB Designs for Graphic Design, Basic Solutions for Systems and Automation, VA Placements for Virtual Assistants and others. If we think you could benefit from their services, we will recommend them as our preferred agencies because we’ve worked with them before and can vouch for their quality of work. That being said, they are recommendations only. There is no pressure from us to work with these other marketing professionals if you have others you already know and trust and want to work with. We are more than happy to work with anyone!

How much does a Marketing Manager Package cost?

That depends on how much you need us to manage. We base our packages on an hourly rate required to complete specified tasks. We offer 1.5 and 10-hour monthly packages as we typically find we can achieve what we need to within these hour blocks.

Is this an ongoing package? Am I locked into a contract?

Nope. Not with us you’re not. We hate lock-in contracts and so we have vowed never to have one. Our Marketing Manager packages are valid for 1 calendar month from acceptance of your personalised quote. They can be ongoing for as long as you need us or simply for us to help you with a marketing project. Once the project is complete, no need to use us ongoing!

What if I get a 10-hour package and the project required less hours?

Yep, this can happen (although it is rare if we are honest). If we didn’t need to utilise the full 10 hours for that month or project, we can simply roll it into the next month if you want to work with us ongoing or if it’s a project, you can bank it for a strategy call or marketing advice consultation. The only catch is that it has to be used within 12 months and unfortunately due to the nature of our services we do not offer refunds.

Do I need an Energise and Strategise Session first?

Yes, with us, all of our clients start with either a 1:1 or group Energise and Strategise session. The reason we do this is because often there’s more to a project then meets the eye. It really doesn’t matter what marketing project you want to implement, it still needs to fit in with your bigger picture and if we don’t know the answers to some very basic questions then we are really just guessing everything. The Energise and Strategise are the basics and everything else can then happen after that. You can learn more about the Energise and Strategise session here.