Get started on your strategy
with our impactful Energise and
Strategise session

Whether you're taking your first steps in business, embarking on a journey to introduce a new product or service, gearing up to unveil a fresh website, creating a brochure, or preparing for an upcoming tradeshow or event, it’s important to have a carefully thought-out plan.

Our Energise and Strategise session is like diving into Branding and Marketing 101, where every aspect of your marketing journey is meticulously aligned to foster lasting and meaningful connections.

Together, we'll propel your business towards its goals while ensuring that every move resonates deeply with your audience.

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A 1:1 or Group Energise and
Strategise could be perfect for
you if you need to:


  • Declutter your thoughts and clarify your vision for your business
  • Know where and how to focus your marketing efforts
  • Gain clarity around your brand message, identity and unique point of difference
  • Implement immediate actionable steps in your business
  • Stop wasting money on marketing activities that aren’t working
  • Understand how to prioritise your target segments
  • Get a better understanding of your own marketing genius.

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What’s included in the
Energise and Strategise?


One to One

Want to get personal? If you prefer a personalised experience, then our 1:1 Energise and Strategise is perfect for you.


  • Questionaire to be completed by you
  • Detailed research of your industry, company, customers, and competitors completed by us
  • 2-hour workshop face-to-face (Gold Coast) or via Zoom
  • Printed or online and editable workbook
  • Come away with clear action steps and recommendations to implement
  • An email summary of your session
  • Zoom recording (if workshop held online)
  • Unlimited email access during the program
  • 1-hour wrap-up Zoom call 2-3 weeks after initial session.

Investment $1,457 (inc GST)


Want to be social? If you like workshopping with others then our Group Energise and Strategise is perfect for you.


  • Questionaire to be completed by you
  • 3-hour workshop face-to-face (Gold Coast) or via Zoom
  • Printed or online and editable workbook
  • Mastermind group of between 4-6 other like-minded business owners
  • Come away with clear action steps and recommendations to implement
  • Zoom recording (if workshop held online)
  • Unlimited email access during the program
  • Group 1-hour wrap-up Zoom call 2 weeks after initial session.

Group Sessions are run by demand. Dates to be advised.

Investment $697 (inc GST)

The duration of the Energise and Strategise package is approximately 4 weeks.

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Don’t just take our word for it. See what our clients have to say..

"Alyce is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to Marketing... she opened up my eyes to so many possibilities and you can tell she has been doing this for a long time! She was a pleasure to work with, professional, on time and most of all made it fun!”

Orly Muscat, Coastal BabySitters

“During my 2 hour Energise and Strategising session with Alyce, my perfect clients became so clear to me and thanks to her, I now have the knowledge and tools to grow my business/empire. THANK YOU Wild Orange Strategies, you've transformed my business.”

Kylie Davey, Systemizely

“We had a 2-hour Energise and Strategise Session with Alyce for our events business and I have to say, it was very valuable!
We went through all of our marketing channels (social, website, newsletter, etc.) and it was clear that she had done thorough research prior to the meeting.
She gave us some very good tips on how to improve and some awesome suggestions for new content / blogs / posts. Best thing of all was that we can implement all of the changes ourselves easily.”

Madeleine Forrester, 3vent Productions

“Can't wait to continue working with Wild Orange Strategies. After an initial meeting with Alyce, it's clear her expertise will help us put some much needed marketing strategies in place and have clarity around the types of marketing we should be doing for our target market. I was so impressed with Alyce, I'm now referring our clients to her. Thanks Alyce, you rock!”

Vicki Bjerring, VB Designs
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How does the
Energise and
Strategise work?

No matter if it’s 1:1 or within our mastermind group setting, our process follows the same path. It’s one that is designed to help you discover your own marketing brilliance in a way that feels genuine and meaningful.

In the Energise and Strategise session, we workshop together:

  • Your branding direction
  • Delve into your point of differentiation and the needs of your target segments
  • Your available resources along with;
  • Any gaps in your current customer journey that’s stopping people from buying from you.
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Who is Wild Orange?

At Wild Orange, we value the holistic journey of customers and clients, and it’s our pursuit to see where and how businesses can deliver services with purpose and intention, closing any marketing gaps along the way.

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Need more detail?

Do you want to know more? You’re our kind of people! We have developed a proven process to help you embark on your marketing journey when you book an Energise and Strategise Session. It’s a crafted formula of steps that help us get you where you need to go.

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someone to see if
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The Energise and Strategise Formula

Step 1: Embrace Your Inner Super Power - Your Values and Vision!
In a bustling marketplace, it's true that others are offering similar if not the same products and services. But here's the thing: your unique way of doing things is what sets you apart. The kaleidoscope of your vision and values is what creates a mesmerising pattern, a true reflection of what makes you, you. We’ll discover your values and vision and turn them into the compass that guides you through the marketing maze.

Step 2: Create Connections - Who's at the Heart of Your Story?
Imagine your ideal customers as characters in your narrative. They're not just names on a list, but individuals who matter. We need to ensure that every encounter is worth their time and resonates with them on a deeper level and to do that we need to first know who they are. It's all about quality over quantity, creating relationships that are founded on mutual appreciation. Afterall, it goes both ways. It has to be beneficial for your customer and for you and your business.

Step 3: Unearth Hidden Gems - Optimise What You Already Have!
We pause and take a moment to explore what you have. You might be surprised by the resources you already have in your possession. Just as a skilled gardener tends to their garden, we'll help you nurture and cultivate what's already there, ensuring that when you plant the seeds of new ideas, they find fertile ground.

Step 4: Crafting Journeys – Building trust based on meaningful experiences!
Imagine marketing as a journey, a shared exploration with your audience. Building trust is the cornerstone of this voyage. Your customers are seeking a genuine connection – they want to know you, understand you, and trust you. It's like stitching together a quilt of shared experiences with consistency and reliability. We need to map out the customer journey to seamlessly take them from Awareness to Purchase and keep them coming back for more.

Still Scrolling? Check out some of our Frequently Asked Questions

If I want to work with you, do I have to start with an Energise and Strategise package?

The short answer is yes. We start every new client with an Energise and Strategise session. Why? Because we’ve tried it the other way before and it doesn’t work so well. For every marketing activity you do (website, emails, social media, advertising, webinars, events), it doesn’t matter what, they all need to fit in with your bigger picture and if we don’t know that then we are really just guessing everything. For your marketing to be consistent to your brand and for your audience we first need to get the basics down and build on them from there. The Energise and Strategise is the basics and everything else can happen after that.

What happens after the Energise and Strategise Session?

After the initial 1:1 or Group workshop there will be plenty of homework for you to do. You will have access to me via email to assist you with any action items you have until after the 1- hour follow up call. I highly suggest you make the most of this!

You will receive an email to either book a 1-hour follow up call (if booked as a 1:1) or a calendar invite to join the group call 2-4 weeks after the initial workshop.

Once the 1-hour follow up call is completed, you will have the option to work with me further however, there is absolutely no obligation or expectation too.

Do you offer payment plans?

For the Energise and Strategise, typically we do not offer payment plans. Full payment will need to be received before your session. Payment plans are only available for the Strategic Branding Plan and Strategic Marketing Plan packages.

With that being said, we get that things can be tough. We are always happy to make an exception when necessary and if you would like to discuss alternative payment options please get in touch with us.

Can I use the Energise and Strategise Package for a marketing project like building a website?

Absolutely! You can use the Energise and Strategise for whatever you like. That’s the beauty of them - they are flexible for whatever marketing project you have in mind. While we do look at your business holistically, the Energise and Strategise session is perfect if you have a particular project you are wanting to implement. You can use this session like a briefing session for your project.

Am I committed to working with you further after the Energise and Strategise Package?

Absolutely not. While we have many clients who go on to work with us further (which we love), we have many who simply do not need us on going. Many of our clients find that the Energise and Strategise is enough to help get them on track and get up and running. Some even come back once a year to re-energise and go again. It’s completely up to you as to what capacity you would like to work with us. You won’t get any pressure from us there.

Can I have members of my team or business partner join the workshop?

The short answer here is yes but there is a limit. If you have a business partner or member/s of your team that you would like to have join the program alongside you, they are welcome to do so. Numbers however are limited. In the 1:1 session you are welcome to have up to 2 others join you and in the group sessions you may have one other such as your business partner. If you have questions about this, please get in touch with our team.